This village boy-turned-entrepreneur is building ‘Bharat Ka Online School’ for vernacular students

Tarun Saini calls himself “a country boy-turned-hustler who made a dent in the Australian education space” and is now building ‘Bharat Ka Online School’.

While growing up in a farming family in a Haryana village, Tarun had to travel 35-40 km to get tuitions in the nearest town, Ambala.

Later in life, he would go on to work in Australia’s government-funded education space, and deliver door-to-door affordable learning to 15,000+ people. When he returned to India in 2018, Tarun discovered that despite the growth of online learning, the situation hadn’t improved much in villages and small towns.

“In my home town, kids would still travel 40-50 km for basic tuitions, where one teacher would be teaching five subjects,”.

“State board students also faced a huge language problem,” he says.

After a bit of market research, Tarun discovered that almost 70 percent of India’s K-12 student population was studying in state-board affiliated schools. The UP Board alone had more students than CBSE, for instance.

However, most quality education — online or offline — in India was being imparted in English. Hence, the demand-supply gap in afterschool learning for state board students was massive.

Tarun founded Vidyakul in August 2018 to solve this problem. He also roped in Raman Garg as Co-founder and CTO.

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